Trip to Cuan village(爨底下)

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Cuand Village - Cuand Village
RMB 800

Maybe you have heard about Pingyao of its history and ancient town of its beauty, but for spend a weekend to go to Pingyao might be a bit far. This fall That’s Mandarin is coming up something new for the Beijing expats, we are taking to you the most beautiful village nearby Beijing- Cuandixia village.

Cuan Village ( 爨Cuan) , impressed by the complication of the character? Don’t worry, here is just the beginning, the beauty of the village of Autumn will take your breath away.


When:7:30am 22nd- 4:00pm 23rd October

Where to meet: That’s Mandarin Chinese School

How: Bus, 2~3 hours driving

Who: That’s Mandarin teachers and anyone who is interested (5~10 people)

What: know about the village (history, culture), experience the farm staying and real organic food, hiking nearby the village, games

Fee: 800 RMB per person, including return bus, 4 meals, accommodation (2~3 people share the room, depends on the date we book with the village), register before 23rd September can get 20% off, what are you waiting for????


Contact us via: 010-52186432 or email us via

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