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Peking University Cancer Hospital - No. 52 Fucheng Road, Haidian District
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Arts in Hospitals – delivering love with music and arts (abbreviated as AiH) was launched on 29th December 2015, due to an idea of Professor Lili Tang, Director of the Recovery Unit of Peking University Cancer Hospital. A large number of hospitals overseas have pianos in the waiting areas and the passionate performance of the volunteers soothes patients’ anxiety and fear. Could we have the same scenario in our hospitals?  Through the effort of the other sponsor of the program, Beijing Health Alliance Charitable Foundation (abbreviated as RAH), a piano was eventually placed in the surgical hall of Peking University Cancer Hospital.

AiH has recruited more than 100 piano volunteers up to now, among whom more than 60 passed the assessment. These volunteers include retired piano amateurs, college students, successful entrepreneurs, professional piano teachers, and experienced performers. There is not only piano tunes, but also violin and Guzheng playing. No matter how bad the weather is, no matter how far away the distance is, our volunteers will come to perform in the cancer hospital according to arrangement, with a caring heart. They have no pays, no traveling expenses, no praise letters. On the other hand, they try their best to donate money and musical instrument to AiH. They have used their own power to warm others and the society.

While AiH is in effect, numerous touching stories happen in the surgical hall. Patients spontaneously give volunteers bottled water, sing along to the tunes they know, applaud and acknowledge when the performance is over. Some relatives of the patients who just lost their loved ones even come forward to the volunteers to talk. All of the touching stories make the cancer hospital no longer a freezing place. While in service, the volunteers gain a lot themselves. They say they not only practice their skills to perform in public, but also get a sense of achievement to be able to contribute to the families suffering from cancer. This is one of the reasons they carry on volunteering.

Now AiH, delivering love with music and arts,  is in continuous development in a few hospitals in Beijing including Peking University Cancer Hospital, Jishuitan Hospital. AiH is in a long term recruitment of volunteers. If you are loving and caring and have some time to spare, if you can play musical instruments for example piano, violin, guitar, accordion, ukulele, Guzheng, if you want to know what’s  after giving rose to others,fragrance remains with the hands, you are welcome to join AiH. We will issue internationally recognized volunteer certificate to you and you can join so many talented loving fellows to add value to other people’s life.

Contact person: ShuangZhi He 18811168106 Eva Wang 13910410111

Contact number: 010-88196019(8:00-16:00)Beijing time

Email address: info@bjhacf.org 、wanglu@bjhacf.org

Peking University Cancer Hospital


No.2 office Ground floor, Surgical building

Peking University Cancer Hospital

No. 52 Fucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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