Weekend Drawing Class 周末绘画班

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- From 2017/06/10 to 2017/08/26, Saturday every week (Toggle calendar)
The Slab - Room 102 Bldg. 5 No. 15 DongzhimenWai Street, DongCheng District
This event is free to attend.

Students are requesting academic and creative drawing classes! The SLab will start running regular [ Academic Drawing Class ] & [ Creative Drawing Class ] on the weekends for students who want to learn proper techniques and form. 您和您的孩子是否对专业绘画感兴趣却不知如何下手呢?The SLab 素描速写班和创意绘画班开课啦! 应广大学生的需求,The Slab 将要在每周六开办写生班和创意绘画班。

Classes are taught by our teacher Eva Zhao , an Academic of Fine Arts college and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University graduate. Eva Zhao has several years experience teaching young learners and adults fine art in both English and Chinese. 本课程特意聘请了毕业于国内美术学院和墨尔本皇家理工大学艺术学院的资深美术老师Eva Zhao。Eva Zhao 有着多年的教学经验(儿童及成人)课程生动有趣哦!她帮助很多小朋友提高了他们的专业绘画技能,并且可以双语教学~让我们一起来到专业的学院派中一探究竟吧~

[ Academic Drawing Class ]
Every Saturday from June 10th
1:00 – 3:00pm

Students will be learning; academic sketch, how to shape plaster models, figure drawing & portraiture, and indoor & outdoor still life.在素描速写课上,学生们可以学到正规的素描基础、画速写和石膏像,人体速写,头像速写以及室内室外写生。

Every Saturday starting June 10th
4:00 – 6:00pm

Our creative class is designed to help guide students into opening up their creative talent, using different materials and methods to create their art works. Classes include team activities where students need every teammate’s cooperation to finish the project. Our Creative Art Class is meant to help students improve their social skills and communications. Drawing skills can be trained, but in our creative art class, we encourage students to use art more as an expression between themselves and others. The SLab believes not not only in training art techniques, but also using their creativity to develop life-skills. 我们采用小班授课亲手传授的教课方式去开发孩子的创造力,社交能力,团队协作能力和动手能力。老师会带着你用各种材料创造出属于你的艺术品。开启孩子的创造天赋,让每一个孩子奇思妙想成为小小艺术家。从而把这种能力延续到今后的学习工作能力当中去。我们只培养深入心灵的创造思维,而不是一个短暂的艺术作品。

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