Winter Salad Box Workshop

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Hello Future - Hello Future Flagship Campus, West Gate, Cathay View, Chaoyang District
RMB 600

Grow an indoor salad garden with the Winter SaladBoxx. By understanding how nature works, we can create the appropriate environment for a natural phenomenon to take place. Through this project, you will learn how to solve simple problems related to urban vegetable growing. As part of the workshop fees, participants will receive everything they need to make their Winter SaladBoxx a portable vegetable garden system including:
– 30*30*20 cm untreated fir wood box
– organic soil mix ingredients
– beneficial microorganisms
– bamboo square grid markers
– imported cool season seed selection (choose any three 9-grid vegetables)
– LED grow lights
– uses the Square Foot Gardening method

Adults. RMB 600 (register here). 9am-noon. Hello Future Kindergarten.

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