Women’s Health Seminar

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Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS) 北京耀中国际学校 - Honglingjin Park, 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District 北京市朝阳区后八里庄5号 100025
This event is free to attend.

Environmental pollution, the increasingly rapid pace of modern life, work pressures, and unhealthy habits: all of these factors increase the likelihood of female-specific illnesses at a younger age.

As it is easy to overlook early telltale signs and symptoms of some diseases, YCIS Beijing has partnered with the Hong Kong International Medical Clinic in Beijing to present a Women’s Health Seminar in honor of Women’s History Month. The seminar will teach attendees how to spot early warning signs through increased awareness, regular self-examinations, and health checkups.

Specific topics to be covered will be:

Cervical Cancer
– Cervical Cell Abnormality
– The Relationship between Cervical Cell Abnormality and Cervical Cancer
– Causes of Cervical Cells Abnormality
– HPV Transmission Routes
– How to screen for Cervical Cancer

Common Breast Abnormalities
– Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands
– Benign Lumps in Mammary Glands
– Breast Cancer
– Diagnosis and Screening in Breast Cancer
– Tips for Women’s Physical Health and Wellbeing

By working together, we can greatly reduce the risk of these illnesses thanks to early detection, diagnosis, and treatment at the earliest possible stage.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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