Yang Kai Art Exhibition (Closed on Mondays)

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De Sarthe - English address 328-D Caochangdi Chaoyang district Chinese address 朝阳区草场地艺术区328-D
This event is free to attend.

The exhibition presents many so-called “shadows” of a supposed individual. On this occasion, the various identities that are all known as Yang Kai come together to explore the idea of a “social existence.” Together, they present different (suspicious) materials and objects that provide evidence of their existence. Akin to a hypnotic state of mind, these shadows continue to create new topics to feed a larger narrative, inviting the viewers to transport themselves away from their trivial daily lives and move towards an idealized parallel universe. These virtual identities newly formed by the artist ignite within the audience an inner desire to reconsider the way one views his/her own world. It emphasizes the dialectic of what we consider real and what we consider virtual: we are sometimes passively seduced away from reality just as we also use pieces of our virtual identity to stimulate our real lives.

The artworks presented by these “shadows” represent the marks they “carelessly” left in real life. In response to a contemporary condition, this performance assertively and irrefutably examines how we invent a self-image in the eyes of others so as to guarantee ourselves a genuine and immortal happiness.

Description courtesy of De Sarthe.


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