YCIS Beijing Open Day: Explore Our Learning Communities

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Yew Chung International School of Beijing (YCIS) 北京耀中国际学校 - Honglingjin Park, 5 Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District 北京市朝阳区后八里庄5号 100025
This event is free to attend.

Join our Open Day on the Yew Chung International School of Beijing campus to meet our Senior Academic Team, and to learn more about our school’s unique education model. Parents will have the opportunity to see the exciting changes that are happening all across our campus and visit our newly renovated Learning Communities.

While schools across the country continue to utilize enclosed classrooms and solo-teaching classroom models, a very different kind of learning space has taken shape to best accommodate 21st Century Learning. Created by award-winning education space design architects from Fielding Nair International (FNI), our Learning Communities are designed to facilitate interactive learning, develop a wide variety of “soft skills” in students, achieve better results, and support the unique YCIS Beijing model of co-teaching.

Discussion points will include:

How Learning Communities facilitate social and collaborative learning providing students with the necessary soft skills for today’s learning;

How YCIS Beijing Learning Communities accommodate student-centered learning, allowing for diverse learning styles, increased teaching effectiveness, and improved results for all students;

How Learning Communities allow collaborative teaching to enrich both students and teachers’ learning experiences;

How Learning Community framework offers new opportunities and a greater sense of belonging, facilitating parent-student-teacher connections;

How Learning Communities enhance and expand unique YCIS co-teaching model.

Parents will also have the opportunity to go on a school tour with one of our friendly Admissions representatives following the session.

Register today by visiting our Yoopay page or by emailing info@bj.ycef.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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