Zouk Course

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Aihaocheng - 3-3 North Gate of Xiushuiyuan Xiaoqu, Shuizhuizi Beili, Chaoyang District
RMB 600 for early birds, RMB 700 for lazy birds

Alexey & Anna Zouk masters from Russian will be in Beijing for a fantastic 6 hours Zouk Workshop.
Whether you’re a beginner who has never danced before or an experienced dancer ready for your next challenge, it’s an opportunity not to be missed !

Class schedule:

Saturday (23/09)
2:00 PM Clean Your Zouk
3:00 PM Be Sensual
4:00 PM Swing the Hair

Sunday (24/09)
2:00 PM Latest Cool Moves
3:00 PM Turns and Spins
4:00 PM Styling in Couples

For more information email Zoukbeijing@outlook.com for WeChat Ashish578675

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