Decorative Delights

Why brave the throngs of holiday shoppers and fight over the last of the Christmas tree ornaments, when you can spend an afternoon making your own with the kids? These fun decorations make for great Christmas presents, perfect for sending home to Grandma.











Scrap paper
Felt or heavy fabric
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread
Cotton balls
Pen or pencil
Difficulty level: Advanced (requires parental assistance for sewing)
Time: 30 minutes

1 Sketch your design on paper; simple shapes like stars and birds are best. Place your design on two pieces of felt and use it as a guide to cut out your shape.





2 Using blanket stitch and starting from between the two pieces of felt to hide the tail of the thread, stitch the two pieces together, leaving one edge unstitched. Search "blanket stitch" on for a step-by-step guide.

3 When you have one edge left, tear apart the cotton balls and use the pen to stuff them into the cavity. When you've stuffed it as full as you can, pick up your needle and finish stitching up the ornament.

4 Sew a loop onto the ornament and attach a length of ribbon.

5 Tie the ribbon into a loop and it's ready to hang.