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HRG 2015: Mao and Me - Money matters in the Middle Kingdom

Banking 101
Though creating a bank account in Beijing is simple, most domestic banks – even large ones like the Bank of China (BoC) – lack English forms and services, so it’s best to bring a Chinese-speaking friend. That being said, all you need to open an account is your passport and a proof of address. You’ll be asked to fill out a form and choose a six-digit PIN. Keep any papers that the bank gives you.

Unless your employer pays you through a specific bank, it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Convenience is key, so pick a bank with several branches near you. If your work requires you to travel quite a bit within China, select a bank with many branches nationwide like BoC or ICBC. Open your account at a branch near your home or office since you’ll need to return to this specific location in case you lose your card or need to change your PIN.

HRG 2015: Call Me Maybe - How to buy a mobile phone and set up a 3G/4G plan


Few things in Beijing are as essential as a mobile phone. Not only can users make calls, but they can also send payments, buy movie tickets, book flights, shop online, and more with just a few swipes of a finger.

HRG 2015: Hey, What’s In My Home? Common indoor pollutants


Many expats worry about outdoor air pollution, but indoor air quality is equally – if not more important – considering that most people’s first recourse is to stay home on smoggy days. Ensuring a low AQI at home isn’t the only priority; common indoor pollutants other than PM2.5 must be tested for and tackled differently.

HRG 2015: Into the Blue - What you should know about drinking water and shower filters

There are many considerations to keep in mind when moving to a new city, from choosing a neighborhood to finding the right school. As a result, many families might not at first think of access to safe drinking water.

HRG 2015: Where’s Your Filter? Protect yourself from air pollution with purifiers and masks


Anyone considering a job posting in Beijing must consider the problem of air pollution. Though the latter shouldn’t be taken lightly, rest assured that you and your family can take measures to minimize its impact on your health.

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