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The Natural Path: Pulp Fiction

Juicing is the process of extracting the juice from fruits and vegetables. By separating the fiber from the liquid portion of the fruit we get a concentrated drink replete with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and a long list of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are the various nutritional elements that can be found in plants, these include lycopene in tomatoes and chlorophyll in leafy greens. People often ask if it’s better to just eat fruits and veggies. My response is that you should do both! A glass of carrot juice can be made by juicing approximately 5 carrots; but to eat 5 carrots takes a lot of time and effort. With no fiber to slow the nutrients from getting into our blood stream, freshly squeezed juices provide a quick boost of nutrition. Fiber is important for health, but it provides no nutrients. It literally goes right through you. Of course we need fiber to keep the digestive system moving, which is why juicing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables go hand in hand.

Mind Over Matter: In Every Season

Ah, the glory of summer. Typically, children are on break, the weather is warmer, even adults sometimes have more relaxing schedules. Though summers are full of fun for kids, they can also be a time when families prepare for transitions. So as not to disturb school schedules, many choose the summer months to make major geographic or academic changes. For some families being on the move and making big transitions is nothing new. Even so, it’s not uncommon for some children (and many adults) to need additional support during times of major life change.

Here Comes the Sun: Summer safety and self-care tips

Whether you’re staying in Beijing or taking off for more exotic climes this summer, safety on or off the water is sure to be high on your list of concerns. For tips on keeping your family safe this summer, we spoke to Dermatologist Dr. Jenny Sun from Vista Medical Center and Family Physician Dr. Mijke Vankan from Oasis International Hospital

Indulge: Chasing Rainbows - Pensive Tatenda goes to any lengths for beauty

Pensive Tatenda met her Chinese husband Hao Wang when he was working as a geologist for a mining company in her home country Zimbabwe. They married in Zimbabwe almost seven years ago before coming to Beijing two years later to live with his parents near the CCTV tower in Haidian. Their daughter Deling Wang (age 5) was born here, and attends Number 304 Army Kindergarten. Wang’s parents are former scientists who had worked overseas in the United States and Italy. “His family is very internationally-minded, and they welcomed me into their family. They always tell me not to worry about being away from home, because they are my family now. Like typical Chinese grandparents they help me to raise Deling; they are so sweet, and they make my life much easier,”  says Tatenda.

Talking Shop: Taming Nature with Nature - Mane Synergy offers natural products for Afro hair

A common plight for African or Afro-descendant women in Beijing is the unavailability of suitable hair and cosmetic products. Returning suitcases are often brimming with multiple year’s worth of products to make hair maintenance more manageable. In response to this unmet demand for appropriate hair products in China, Americans Chizi Igwe and Uchechi Kalu started Mane Synergy, an online-based business in November 2014.

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