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Dining Out: What Say Yi - Sichuan cuisine at Asiniuniu

Asiniuniu is a Yi minority themed restaurant in Sanlitun whose vibrant decor is rivaled only by its equally colorful dishes. That combination will wow curious youngsters, and satisfy parents who are hankering for unique eats. Quality meats, fresh vegetables, and other ingredients are flown in from Sichuan province’s Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture, (which the majority of Yi people call home), ensuring that the dishes are authentic.

Seasonal Roundup: Ni Chifan le Ma? Family-friendly Chinese dining (Part 2)

This is part two of the two series post. Click here for part one.

Introducing New Foods Undoubtedly some kids can be picky eaters, and Chinese food can be daunting: there are often bones, oil, and spice to contend with. We get tips from Maiker Valdivia, parent and chef de cuisine at Aria Restaurant in China World Hotel, and Dr. Leora Martin, registered clinical dietician at Oasis International Hospital, on how to successfully introduce your kids to new fare.

Seasonal Roundup: Ni Chifan le Ma? Family-friendly Chinese dining (Part 1)


This is part one of a two-part post. Click here for part two.

Dining out en famille is one of the mainstays of modern Chinese life. In China, children are at the center of family culture and welcome everywhere. You’ll see little ones dotted among most large groupings in every restaurant, and at every price point. We polled parents for their favorite restaurants, and they responded with a list of old faithfuls: because hygiene, comfort, and reliable service are of critical concern for families. They also told us their kids hate sitting around in restaurants and love interactive food and individual portions: anything they make, manhandle, or eat on their own is a winner! So we’ve compiled a list of the best, clean, family-friendly options – where kids can get in on the action, and you can relax and explore the cuisine.

Holiday Boredow Buster: Secret Agent Man

Ever since kids first started raiding wardrobes for dress-up costumes, there's been a market for fake mustaches. Whether your little ones are secret agents, cops or cowboys, a good set of whiskers will always come in handy.

Scotch tape
Plain heavy stock paper
Heavy black paper
Exacto knife
Colored scrubbers
Double-sided tape

Food for Thought: The Sweeter Side of Life - The Lyu-Joshi family makes sweet fish for Chinese New Year

When we visit the Lyu-Joshi family at their home in Shuangjing we meet the whole household: Chinese mom Wenting Lyu, Nepalese dad Santoshi Joshi, an associate director at interior architecture firm, Adrianse Group, their 3-year-old son Sawan Lyu Joshi, who attends Etonkids International Bilingual School, Lyu’s mother who is staying with them, and Ibu the dog.

Lyu loves to cook for her family and says that the family spends quality time at home making dumplings (jiaozi) together especially during the Chinese New Year. She says, “Every dish is a creative journey, a wonderful feeling of using ordinary ingredients to add spice to everyday life.”

As Lyu prepares today’s dish a low chant of jia you (an expression commonly as encouragement to competitors during sporting events) can be heard in the background. Grandma is prompting Sawan to cheer on his mom. Lyu laughs and whispers that she isn’t on a cooking show. The sweet fried fish dish is Sawan’s favorite and he can hardly contain his joy when Lyu finally sets the meal in front of him. He gobbles up his portion in less than ten minutes and is rewarded with two cookies for his hearty appetite.

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