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Tech Corner: Teachers recommend apps to bring the natural world to your device

Star Walk
Xu instantly thought of Star Walk when we asked him to recommend an app relating to the natural world. Star Walk presents a virtual universe, where you can travel faster than light speed, visit stars, and learn about space using the very latest scientific information.

Throwback Thursday: Leader of the Pack

As parents, we strive to connect our kids with good friends, positive influences, and activities that build character and instill a sense of responsibility. When there is an organization as highly regarded as the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for boys and young men, we encourage our sons to actively participate. Being far away from home, we’re quite lucky to have such an outstanding program available for our kids right here in Beijing.

Playing Inside: Heyrobic's Living Room Workout - Burning off steam indoors

Now that spring has come, we all want our children to be running around in the fresh air. But when the air’s not so fresh and you’re stuck inside, what can they do to burn off that energy?

We invited Joel Llaban Jr to lead a living room workout for a group of energetic kids ages 4 to 10. Joel is a teacher at the International School of Beijing (ISB) and also leads Heyrobics sessions across the city. “We call Heyrobics ‘the world’s happiest sport,” Llaban told us. “It’s the inclusive and friendly community that initially attracted me to it, and the same reason that made me stay! Equally important is the sweat and smiles in every single session.”

Birthday Bash: Fast and Furious - Speed demons, look no further

Red1Karting is a pretty swanky affair. Located north of Shangezhuang subway station, it features karts manufactured by French company Sodikart. Kids who are 145cm and above can drive solo; those who do not meet the height requirement must race in a two-seater with a grownup.

The Natural Path: Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Spring has officially arrived and it’s a great chance to clean out our homes. Giving things away we no longer use helps us feel lighter. Now is the perfect chance to spring clean the fridge, our cupboards, and our diets! Follow these baby steps to clean up your diet and improve your health.

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