Birthday Bash: You'd Batter Believe It - I Crepes you NOT! brings you a pancake birthday party

Almost every culture in the world has its own version of the crepe or pancake. Often a “kids meal,” most people remember having their first pancake as a child. I Crepes you NOT! a catering start-up specializing in savory and sweet Dutch style pancakes, was founded by Dane Pernille Son Paulsen and Dutchwoman Marte Van Os in December 2014.

Family Travels: Rice to Meet You - The Anderson-Fitzpatrick family explore Guilin and Yangshuo

Travelers: Cherie Anderson, her husband Dairne Fitzpatrick, and their children Nina and Luca Fitzpatrick (age 16 and 13 respectively), who attend Yew Chung International School of Beijing.
Destination: Guilin and Yangshuo
Travel dates: Early April
Travel plans: The family arranged their trip through Jack’s Private Tours, visiting Guilin, Sanjiang Chengyang Dong, Longji rice terraces, and Yangshuo.

Our family has been in Beijing for nearly two years and over Qing Ming holiday we decided to take the opportunity to see a bit more of China. We headed to Guilin, a place we’d often heard described as a must do.

Day Tripper: Hot Hot Heat - Soak it all in at Spaview Hot Spring World

It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning in June and I’m cursing cars left and right, pushing my sunglasses over my head every few minutes to squint at the map on my phone. I’m cycling to Spaview Hot Spring World (or Shunjing as it’s known in Chinese), a long-running hot spring resort that claims to be the largest in the world.

What's Fun In: Slip and Slide - Splashing Around at Water Cube Water Park

Beijing’s National Aquatics Center, better known as the Water Cube, was one of the venues built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The iridescent bubble-wrapped cube structure hosted the swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming events during the Olympics. Today, the Water Cube provides a venue for hosting international and domestic swimming competitions, theatre shows, public swimming, and is home to the Water Cube Water Park.

Water-ver Floats Your Boat: Aquatic sports and activities

There are lots of ways children can experience fun in the water: sports such as sailing and diving have become more and more popular with families, with organizations offering specialized courses and sessions just for kids. Finding the right activity is important, and finding the right coach is essential, if you want to equip your child with new skills in the water. A key consideration for which water activities to choose will be your child’s confidence in the water and their swimming ability. Most watersports require children to be able to swim a certain distance.

Keep Your Cool: Swimming spots outside Beijing

If fountains and pools just aren’t cutting it, head to Huairou, Miyun, and beyond to cool off in a river, lake, or natural pool. Some locations are suitable for family camping, so make it a weekend trip and wake up to the gentle sounds of rushing water.

Splish Splash: Spout off with the kids at one of Beijing’s best fountains

If you can’t make it to one of the city’s pools, consider bringing the family to a fountain for their water-play fix. We round up the most kid-friendly fountains in the city below. Just don’t forget to pack some dry clothes for both you and the kids.

Going Swimmingly: Take the plunge in Beijing’s best pool, parks, and beaches

The mercury is rising, and though Beijing may be well over a hundred kilometers from the sea, this landlocked city has plenty of pools, water parks, and artificial beaches to cool down in. Whether your family wants to soak up the sun or chill out in the shade, splash about energetically or float serenely by, immerse yourself in the best selection of indoor and outdoor venues on offer and whitewash the swelter.

Feature: A Wave of Hope - NGO Thirst on what you need to know about water scarcity

“The World is Thirsty,” reads the homepage of Beijing-based NGO Thirst. In just four words, Thirst manages to capture the heart of a global crisis that will impact everyone on the planet in the not too distant future; that is if it hasn’t already. The truth is that world is running out of drinkable water, a fact made starkly clear by the statistics on Thirst’s website. By 2025 two out of three people worldwide will lack access to clean, usable water and according to World Economic Forum, water scarcity is the number one global risk based on impact to society.

Editor's Note: Fresh Water

Looking back on childhood summertimes it seems as though I was either jumping in the water, or it was falling on me. Ireland, my home country, is synonymous with rain and surrounded by the sea. I grew up outside a metropolis on the river Lee which the national census records as having 26 inhabitants. A five-hundred-year-old castle rests on a rock in the middle of the river. It’s the axis for the stone spans which give the village its name: Carrigadrohid, meaning “the rock of the bridge” in English.

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