Beijing Haidian International School 北京市海淀国际学校

Beijing Haidian International School is the first international boarding school in Haidian District and was derived from the international department of Beijing Haidian Foreign Language Shi Yan School’s elementary school, junior high, and senior high, which has 17 years of history. The school now consists of an elementary, a junior high, and a senior high; American branch schools; overseas language training sites; an International Sports College, and more. The fusion of American and Chinese curricula offers students versatile education, allowing them to graduate with diplomas from both Chinese and American high schools. The school aims to cultivate international talent and global citizens with broad perspectives, knowledge, morals, and a solid foundation in Chinese culture.

Founding date: 2013

Age range: 6-18

Grades offered: Grades 1-12

School type: International boarding school

Total area (in square meters): 100,000

Curriculum description:

International School created the “Two Paths and Two Campuses” curriculum.

“Two paths” indicate that the curriculum includes the essence of both Western and Chinese educational philosophies, based on both the Chinese and American educational systems. Students graduate with diplomas from both Chinese and American high schools. “Two Campuses” implies that students will attend both Chinese and American high schools. This opportunity enables students to experience life in two countries, and both traditional Chinese culture and diversified Western culture.

Boarding program: Full boarding

Number of students: Over 1,000

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? Yes

Foreign passport holders accepted? Yes

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition fees (2016-2017 academic year):

• Tuition: RMB 142,000-160,000 (studying abroad costs extra)

• Accommodation: RMB 4,000-6,000

• Uniform and dorm supplies (e.g. bedding): RMB 9,300 (elementary school), RMB 5,100 (secondary school)

• Book and materials: RMB 3,600 (elementary school), RMB 3,000 (secondary school)

International Sports College:

• Tennis training costs RMB 68,000 (elementary school) or RMB 88,000 (secondary school)

• Golf training costs RMB 78,000 (elementary school) or RMB 128,000 (secondary school)

• Fencing training costs RMB 36,000 (elementary school) or RMB 56,000 (secondary school)

• Equestrian training costs RMB 78,000 (elementary school) or RMB 128,000 (secondary school)

• Graduating students have a chance to get scholarships from the National Collegiate

Athletic Association (NCAA).

• Three Meals: RMB 8,900-12,400 per year

Lunch offered: Organic, Chinese, Western and vegetarian options with a focus on health, hygiene, and nutrition.

Nationality of students: China, US, Canada, Australia, UK

Primary teaching language: English and Chinese

Other languages taught as electives: Japanese, German, French

Average class size: 25-30

Average teacher/student ratio: 1:5

School hours: 8am-4.35pm

After-school activities: In the “2+2” project, all primary school students must master two sports and two arts subjects. Piano and swimming are compulsory for graduation. In the “2+1” project, all secondary students must master two sports and one art subject while in junior high school. Electives include astronomy, badminton, basketball, calligraphy, fencing, soccer, golf, home economics, orchestra, painting, pottery-making, robotics, science and technology, and more.

Extra help offered? Yes, personalized counseling available

Scholarships offered? Yes

School facilities:

260 classrooms (including computer, art, physics, chemistry, music, and more), international standard 400m track and field track, soccer field, 18 basketball courts, baseball field, gymnasium, swimming pool, driving range, concert halls, nine multi-purpose lecture halls, 180 piano rooms, observatory, library, school zoo, and more.

School nurse or doctor available? Yes

Contact: 368-2 Hanhe Lu, Haidian District (8846 7301, 海淀区旱河路368-2号

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