Beijing Kaiwen Academy (Haidian) 北京凯文学校(海淀)

Brief introduction Beijing Kaiwen Academy(Haidian), administrated by Tsinghua University High School, is a private bilingual school providing an internationalized education to students in grades 1-12. Our goals are to cultivate our students to be leaders with national identity and global mindedness. We strive to inculcate the students to be resilient, physically fit, academically excellent, scientifically-minded, and critical and innovative thinkers. The school mixes eastern and western philosophies, and offers modern educational facilities, and a science and technology, sports and arts curriculum.

Founding date:August 2016

Age range: 6-18 years old

Grades offered (e.g. Kindergarten to Grade 12, Year 7-9, etc.): Grade 1-12

School type (e.g. international school accredited by the Ministry of Education, local school, experimental school, etc.) Private Bilingual School

Total area (in square meters): 200,000 square meters

Curriculum Description (i.e. Chinese, US, UK, Bilingual, Montessori, Reggio Emilla, IB, AP, etc.  May enter multiple if applicable.) Tsinghua University High School International Curriculum, AP

Boarding Program (Yes/No, Grades included, etc): Yes, grade 6-12 can apply for dorms.

Number of students: 200

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? Yes

Foreign passport holders accepted? No

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition fees for the 2016-2017 academic year:

• Application fee: RMB 2,000

• Primary School (grades 1-5): RMB 180,000

• Middle School (grades 6-8): RMB 220,000

• High School (grades 9-12): RMB 250,000

• Uniform: RMB 1,980 (excludes suit)

• School bus: less than 5 km RMB 12,800, 5 km or more RMB 13,500

• Lunch Fee: RMB 5,490

Type of lunch offered and cost: Organic vegetables, Chinese food, Western food.

Nationality of students (please include percentage breakdown OR top five nationalities): Chinese

Primary teaching language(s):English and Chinese

Other languages taught as electives: N/A

Average class size: 20-25 Students

Average teacher/student ratio:1:5

School hours: 8am-4.30pm

After-school activities:Various enrichment courses and clubs, such as piano, dance, theater, golf, baseball, tennis, basketball etc.

Provisions for Additional Education Needs (AEN)? (e.g. ESOL, ESL, ELA, tutoring, gifted and talented, etc.) ESL Program

Scholarships offered? N/A

School facilities (e.g. ICT labs with SmartBoards, outdoor playgrounds, dedicated art rooms, etc):

Primary and secondary school have separate teaching buildings and libraries. Standard tennis court, basketball court, baseball field, soccer field and golf driving range. ICT laboratories, biological laboratories, physical laboratories, chemical laboratories. Auditorium (capacity 600). 300-meter circular runway and 1000-meter athletic track around the school. 3,000 sqm integrated stadium, 600 sqm primary school-specific stadium. 2,200 sqm independent art center. 5,850 sqm student apartments, 1,695 sqm teacher apartments. Campus restaurant (capacity 650). Swimming pool (under construction). 128,748 sqm green area, 160+ plant varieties, garden-style campus, 3,940 sqm water area.

School nurse or doctor available on campus? Yes

Contact info in English and Chinese (address, phone, email, website):

No.65, Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing (010 8302 8666, 010 8302 8777 www.kaiwenedu.com北京市海淀区杏石口路65号院

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