Jazzy Preschool for Gifted Children (La Petite Crèche de Beijing)中美法小小托儿所

Jazzy Preschool offers high-quality education in a caring, happy, and positive learning atmosphere. Each child is treated as an individual who is encouraged, listened to, and supported. Its program aims to help children acquire independence, social skills, and a solid foundation in learning-related skills through meaningful play. Nurturing Early Childhood educators compose the staff. English, French, and Chinese native speakers ensure the languages naturally become the children’s mother tongues, through a “one teacher, one language” approach. The transition to a first school setting exposure is done by focusing on healthy development activities, self-discovery, cognitive and executive function skills, and emotional self-regulation skills to give children the tools they need before school entry.

Founding date: 2011

Age range: 12 months – 5 years

Grades offered: Preschool

School type: Early Education Center

Total area: 700

Curriculum description: English, French, Chinese

Boarding program: No

Number of students: 50

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? No

Foreign passport holders accepted? Yes

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition (2016-2017 academic year):

• Application fee: RMB 800


• RMB 105,600 (five days a week)

• RMB 84,400 (four days a week)

• RMB 66,000 (three days a week)

• RMB 45,600 (two days a week)

• Deposit: RMB 2,000

• Lunch fee: RMB 7,200 (five days a week)

• RMB 6,000 (four days a week)

• RMB 4,800 (three days a week)

• RMB 3,600 (two days a week)

Lunch offered: Chinese and Western options, vegetarian. Lunch fee includes a morning and an afternoon snack.

Nationality of students: France, China, US, Canada, Germany

Primary teaching language: English, French, Chinese

Other languages taught as electives: None

Average class size: 15

Average teacher/student ratio: 1:4

School hours: 8am-5.30pm

After-school activities: Wushu classes, early youth introduction to music, cooking/baking workshops

Extra help offered? No

Scholarships offered? No

School facilities: Cloakroom at the entrance, 3 classrooms (includes a motor development room, home role-playing area, reading area, and bookshelves, play area, puzzle area, activity area) a rooftop playground, a kitchen, children-size lavatories, a teacher’s office.

School nurse or doctor available? Yes

Contact: Dongwaigongguan, 3 Xindong Zhongjie (west of Holiday Inn Express), Dongcheng District, Beijing 东城区新中东街3号东外公馆办公楼 (北京东直门智选假日酒店西边) (6417 3931, 130 3119 9923)

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