Peide School 培德书院国际学校

Peide School is a modern academy blending authentic traditional Chinese language and culture with a global perspective. Our unique curriculum is adopted from our parent school, Natural Way School (Taiwan), which has been practicing and researching methods aimed at developing children with Chinese roots and a global view since 1993. Our nature-based teaching provides an aesthetic and meaningful environment where students explore the world and their inner selves. By respecting the rhythm of mother Earth, we find inspiration for our curricular and extracurricular activities. Children play and learn with natural toys collected from the wild, using real life resources that supplement and enrich their classroom time, and build on children’s natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn.

Founding date: 2014

Age range: 2-12

Grades offered: Kindergarten: Year 2-6, Primary School: Year 6-10 (Grade 1-Grade 4)

School type: Experimental

Total area (in square meters): 6,500

Curriculum description: Neo-classic Chinese curriculum, and bilingual, nature- oriented curriculum

Boarding Program: No

Number of students: 160

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? Yes

Foreign passport holders accepted? Yes

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition fees (2016-2017 Academic Year):

• Kindergarten: RMB 126,000 per year (meals not included)

• Primary school: RMB 168,000 per year (meals included)

• Uniform: Summer RMB 450, Winter RMB 560

Lunch offered: Local organic vegetarian meals, in accordance with the 24 Solar Terms, RMB 40 per day

Nationality of students: (didn’t apply, just the ratio) 1:6 (non-Chinese/ Chinese)

Primary teaching language: Chinese and English

Other languages taught as electives: English

Average class size: 20

Average teacher/student ratio: 1:4

School hours: Kindergarten: 8.00am-4.30pm, primary school: 7.40am-4.30pm

After-school activities: More than 17 activities, such as calligraphy, brush painting, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Tai chi, yoga, paper-making, book-binding, natural dyeing, pottery, carpentry, metalwork, Solar-Term-Based cooking, green team mountain hiking, musical-instruments (recorder, pipa, and cello), singing and reading classic Chinese literature, spoken English, and more.

Extra help offered? Math, Writing, and ESL

Scholarships offered? No

School facilities: Standard facilities: bilingual library, auditorium, dance studio, music room, classrooms equipped with SmartBoards, natural grassed and treed playground. Additional experiential learning facilities: Dedicated classrooms for Gu qin, tea ceremony, calligraphy, brush painting, art gallery, 6 professional workshops, open-air theatre, and organic farming area.

School nurse or doctor available? Yes

Contact: No.1 Jia, Rome Lake Road, Houshayu, Shunyi District (8047 6088)

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