Party Animals: Everything you need to throw a birthday bash (Part 1)

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Fat Bunny Bakery

Founded by Ida Collins, Fat Bunny Bakery makes gorgeous custom cakes. One of the most popular themes this fall has been Frozen (no surprise there) and the best-selling flavor is dark chocolate peanut butter. Simple buttercream cakes start from RMB 450 while custom fondant cakes cost RMB 750 and up. Tiered cakes range from RMB 1,250 and up. Orders are through email only. Delivery is available for larger orders and tiered cakes, pick-up only for smaller orders. Enquire for fees.

Sweet Tooth Cafe

Now with a location in Xingfucun, Sweet Tooth Cafe’s cakes range in price from RMB 270-340. For kids, the shop’s best-sellers are the rainbow cake and cupcakes (available in mini and regular sizes). Orders should be placed at least one to two days in advance and delivery is available within 3km of the cafe (within 1km RMB 5, 1-2km RMB 10, 2-3km RMB 15).

The Paddington Kitchen
The Paddington Kitchen grew out of Paddington Puddings and Pies, a delivery baking business founded by two British moms. The best-selling birthday cake is also Frozen-themed; the rich, three-layered chocolate cake with cream and fresh seasonal fruits is also very popular. Custom cakes for ten people start at RMB 380. Orders should be placed at least two days in advance as much as possible, while more complex cakes require at least four days’ notice. Delivery is available for RMB 30 in Sanlitun and the CBD, costing more further away from Dongzhimen.

Deli Deluxe
Located in an apartment compound near Chaoyang Park, this unassuming cafe makes delicious and wholesome fare. The chocolate fudge cake with ganache and thick cream is the best-seller, with cakes ranging from RMB 280-350. Order at least two days in advance. Delivery costs up to RMB 20 in the Chaoyang Park and Sanlitun areas depending on distance from the deli. 

Auntie Jane’s Bakery
Longtime expat Jane Hsiao started her baking business in 2007. Her eye-popping cake designs range from Frozen and Kung Fu Panda to woodland creatures and even the Temple of Heaven. A birthday cake with a simple custom design and large enough for ten costs RMB 380. Delivery is free within Shunyi and negotiable within the city.

Euro Bakery
Founded in 2006 by Dutchman Henny Fakkel, Euro Bakery boasts a variety of western-style birthday cakes. Choose from chocolate or vanilla flavor with icing or almond paste. Orders require two to three days’ notice and cakes range from RMB 268-850. Free delivery within Fifth Ring Road.


Tianyi Market
If it’s toys you’re after, look no further than Tianyi Market in Fuchengmen. The wholesale market has a quirky, year-round Christmas theme with life-sized statues of Santa Claus, wild animals, and characters from Journey to the West. Turning 22 this year, Tianyi stocks costumes, decorations, stationary, electronics, wrapping paper, kitchenware, clothes, and more. Toys can be found on the fourth floor while most of the gift wrapping supplies are on the first. Prices are very reasonable, with room for haggling if you buy in bulk.

Tianle Toy Market
Located just behind Hongqiao Pearl Market, Tianle is a good alternative to Tianyi if you’re short on time. On the first floor, you’ll find puzzles, dolls, hair accessories, stuffed animals, toy cars, building sets, board games (some in English), soft books and wooden toys for toddlers, and seasonal items like Halloween costumes. Magic Loom kits go for RMB 50, Lego sets range from RMB 120-800, and Frozen dolls cost around RMB 40-65. The second floor has a small selection of balloons, birthday cards, and wrapping supplies.

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