1. I found this so insightful! We had left our son with my inlaws for a month or two at s time and I just couldn’t understand why they were so tired when they were two (and often three with s relative or ayi to help) while my mom could care for him on her own. I also had a lot of doubts about the things they left around the house as when’s i went to pick him up he was playing with empty pill bottles (because he kept taking them out of the cupboard) and pushing a stool around. When they came to visit, I was depressed about all the negative comments they had on my way of watching him (he played in his play corner while I worked in my corner). Now I feel I understand them a lot better 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Jessica! I haven’t mentioned this, but my mother-in-law actually watches closely how I keep baby safe and we’ve already come a far way in terms of safety compared to a few years ago. I still do feel more at ease if both my in-laws watch both children instead of only one of my in-laws watching both (my toddler son is at kindergarten during the day, so they don’t usually have to watch both children at the same time).

  3. Тhat is exactly what my ayi was doing when my daughter was less the one year old😂 She was literally watching her closely or most of the time just was carrying her around. When I was thinking to buy the playpen- she was so surprised why ppl need such a thing as we have enough ppl at home to look after the kid. But since I am not big fan of play pens in general and she is right- we have enough ppl, I did not buy it. Anyway her attitude is totally the same. And I can bat blame her, she is a great ayi to my kid:) even we have different approaches an many little things)

  4. If it works, then that’s great. Personally, I want my baby to also be able to crawl and train his neck/back/arm muscles, but he still gets to train them when he’s with me, so no need to worry about all the carrying grandma does. Most babies are quite content being carried, no harm done if different people do things differently.

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