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In recent years ‘content marketing’ has become a media industry buzzword as media houses creatively create new sources of revenue. True Run Media’s (TRM) products – the Beijinger, beijingkids, JingKids produce different forms of content supported by funds from outside parties.

Content marketing blogs and WeChat posts are clearly marked for transparency on how the content was produced and who funded it.

Here are the definitions of each:

The ‘Sponsored by’ tag is used on independent editorial content produced by True Run. The client does not have a role in the editorial content direction or have final approval on content. This content is subjected to the same house style standards and rules. Final approval of idea and publishing will be determined by the managing editors of each product. The client’s logo will appear after the text while the frequency will be determined by the contract. This option is good for clients who wish to gain valuable exposure by placing their brand next to content already popular with our readers.

The ‘paid for by’ tag is used to describe content that a client has paid True Run to produce on their behalf. This service is a good option for clients without in-house communications departments who wish to utilize True Run’s editorial expertise to promote their products or services.

3) Provided by

The ‘Provided by’ tag is content paid for and produced by the client, posted via our platform. This does not involve True Run editorial input other than house style formatting. This service is a good option for clients interested in getting information about their product or service out there in some way, albeit in a more entertaining way than just straight advertising. There is no need or want to build a relationship with potential client through content.

The Results of Content Marketing Done Right

Content is a vital for online marketing and SEO but not all content is good content. A long-term content strategy is required that prioritizes quality content creation, strategic distribution, and targeted promotion results on improved rankings and a higher return of investment through conversions. The follow results are what clients should aim for:

  • Associate brand with quality content
  • Build a following
  • Get more high-quality traffic to your website
  • Be an authoritative online source
  • Grow valuable influencer relationships
  • Digital footprint that remains available 24/7

Get in touch with our sales team to get a proposal for your content marketing needs.

近几年,内容营销已经成为媒体行业的流行词,为媒体机构创造性地带来了新的收入来源。TRM的产品——包括the Beijinger, beijingkids, JingKids——也会在外部资金的支持下生产不同形式的内容。









  • 将品牌与高质量的内容相联系
  • 网站获得更高质量的流量
  • 变成权威的网络资源
  • 培养有价值的有影响力的关系
  • 保持一周7天,一天24小时的数字足迹


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