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If you have an event that you would like to submit for publication in the next edition of the beijingkids magazine or for the website, please email the details and any photos to or you can create an account on our website to add your own event. Check this page for instructions about adding your own event to our website or magazine.

52 Bookswap and Board Games Meet-up When:
Where: Caravan

Come to the Beijing Bookswap and Board Games Meet-up to swap your old books for new ones. The only off-limits material is textbooks, classics and Chinese-language …

36 Taoist Philosophy, Culture and Martial Arts Classes When:
Where: This event doesn't have a physical location

An ancient Taoist tradition past down for generations only in temples and few families. Yin Yang, Five elements, Eight trigrams, rebuild your body according these principles, …

RMB 50 per class
54 Spring Parkour Camp When:
Where: An Activity Park in Tongzhou

Ages: 7 - 16. Experience leaping into foam pits, jumping on trampolines, balancing on a slackline, climbing on a bouldering wall, and so much more! Parkour …

700 RMB per day including transport
45 Work out in Sanlitun, every Mon, Tue When:
Where: Heyrobics

Heyrobics in Sanlitun every Monday & Tuesday(except the public holidays)! Join the workouts "The World's Happiest Sport" with full-on 1-hour workouts mixing upper body, core …

RMB 50
155 Yoga in the Park (every Sunday) When:
Where: Chaoyang Park

Yoga in the Park returns Sunday April 15th! You are welcome to join the yoga session in the great out doors instructed by Theresa who …

RMB 50
16 Tapping Thursday When:
Where: Beijing Mindfulness Centre

Come experience EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping) for emotional freedom. The stresses of life keep us constantly in the fight/flight/freeze mode because …

RMB 100
155 Chinese Summer Camp 2018 When:
Where: That's Mandarin

Their Summer Camp runs from June to August with a variety of camp programs to choose from, and provides a fun and safe environment for …

RMB 6000 for 2 weeks
Summer Camps
101 2018 IDEAS DAY CAMP When:
Where: This event doesn't have a physical location

For aged 4-7. IDEAS Day Camp is the only authentic American-style day camp in China, and specially designed for Chinese campers aging from 5-10, the program …

RMB 10,600
Summer Camps
213 Falcons Basketball Summer Camp When:
Where: This event doesn't have a physical location

For aged 5-16. This summer, Falcons are offering 6 weeks of basketball camp at British School of Beijing. The camp will introduce the fundamentals of the …

RMB 2,400-4,600
Summer Camps
33 Flips & Kicks Summer Camp When:
Where: This event doesn't have a physical location

Together with Flips & Kicks Plus, Adventure Zone and Kerry Sports  are offering a Breezy Summer Camp to energize your body and mind. Boost up …

RMB 3,200-4,500
25 Fashion Design Camp at the Slab When:
Where: This event doesn't have a physical location

Open to students 7 years and up, The SLab is running weekly Fashion Design camps from July 2nd to August 3rd. Students will learn how to …

RMB 2888 per week (lunch included)
Winter Camps
33 Hyde Academy Summer School When:
Where: Hyde Academy

For grades 1-9. At Hyde Academy, they focus on their students’ social, cultural, academic, and emotional well-being so that they are fully prepared to transition …

9,600 RMB for two weeks (full-day) 18,000 RMB for four weeks (full-day)
Summer Camps
13 Harrow Beijing Summer Programme 2018 When:
Where: Harrow Beijing

For aged 6-11. Harrow Beijing are committed to providing opportunities for your children to learn, lead and serve in order to fulfill their vision, Leadership …

RMB 18,600 per person for day students (lunch and material included)
Winter Camps
Where: This event doesn't have a physical location

For aged 7-10. Campers will come to Changshu, a famous city with more than 3000 years of history, and visit historic sites, including Square Tower, Tomb …

RMB 18,600

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