Action Camp by Imagine China

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This event has no physical location
790 RMB per day including transport
Ever wondered how those action stars perform those stunts?
Then this is the place to learn!
Learn how to vault a fence, flip on a trampoline, balance on a line, climb a wall.
This camp is all about being active, combining Parkour, Gymnastics, Climbing, Balance, and Coordination.
For a fun, action-packed week, join Imagine for our very own Action Camp!
Trampolining, Indoor Climbing, Foam Pit, Parkour and much more!
Ages: 7 – 16
Where: An Activity Park in Tongzhou, 1.5 hours east of the northeast 5th ring road
Spring Camp 2019 Dates:
June 24th – 28th
July 8th – 12th
August 5th – 9th
August 19th 23rd
Camp Early Bird deposit deadline: One month before the event
Camp Normal sign up and full payment deadline: One week before the event
790 RMB per day including transport
3 kids together = 690 RMB/day/each
Early bird = 690 RMB/day/each
10kids together = 590 RMB/day/each
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