Exhibition: Works from Nine Cats

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Kubrick Bookstore - Moma T2, Xiangheyuanjie, Dongcheng District
This event is free to attend.

“All from water, return to water.”

Water, spirit of nature

Water, source of life

Wisdom of water, formless and shapeless

Sense the spirit of world

talk with various colors.

Dive in deep blue sea,

shine among morning stars,

glitter between gold,

stretch with the spirit,

blend in splendid world.

Works of artist Nine Cats, exploring the relationship between human, nature, space, and environment. Various in styles during different circumstances.

The theme of exhibition is “All from water, return to water”, a common theory seeking by artists—let body and mind return to origin. Our sense for nature is drastically decreased due to modern lifestyle, this exhibition is a wonderful response to this matter. What may seem to be abstract is also a whale demonstration towards rational expression.

During this exhibition, Kubrick Bookstore is part of artist’s creation—A Waterhouse. The creator sense energy flowing in the world through observing in the blue house, who also present original and pure energy. We can experience the thriving and returning of lives.

Check the poster below for exhibition details.


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