“Happy Children’s Day. Super Circus” 2018 International Circus Clown Carnival.

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Beijing Workers Stadium. - 北京市朝阳区工人体育场北路
RMB 100-RMB 580

2018 International Circus Clown Carnival is a show that highlights animals, aerial acrobatics, dance, and movement soaring to the farthest reaches of space and beauty of the earth.

This show is about human beings and all kinds of animals living harmoniously in this beautiful natural environment. This show makes you realize the beauty of humanity and wild life, as well as the technology and mother nature.


  • 6.1 at: 19:30.
  • 6.2 at: 10:00/15:00/19:30.

Contact Lucy 186 0020 8126 or Wechat: lucy18600208126 for tickets and more information.

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