Hike the Great Wall Spur

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The Great Wall - The Great Wall
RMB 420 (non-members), RMB 380 (members)

Tomb-Sweeping Holiday hike! The holiday begins Apr 2nd. Come out for a hike on the 1st to get ahead of the crowds.

On this hike we will visit a remote stretch of the Great Wall that was completed around 1580 AD, during the reign of Emperor Wan Li. After a good long (some say tough) climb up a hillside trail we’ll follow the Great Wall along a ridge, enjoying great views the whole way. There is plenty of Great Wall in this area, and on a clear day it is extremely picturesque. Price includes lunch after the hike.

While rated a 3+, this hike is sort of a tough 3+ because of the long climb at the beginning. We go up about 500m over 2km of trail, which is a climb worthy of a Level 4 hike.

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