Hutong Tour: Princes, Pawns & Provocateurs (every Sunday)

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This event has no physical location
RMB 190 per person


Find out why the Mongolians built Beijing’s first hutongs, see for yourself what traditional Beijingers get up to when they think nobody is looking, and discover how a warlord managed to return to Beijing in a coffin alive. All this plus table tennis with the locals, a rickshaw ride, water calligraphy, and much more besides.


    • Walk around Beijing’s historic hutongs, and learn how to identify their age and how to  Feng Shui, and who’s copying it.
    • Find out how ancient Beijing moved a million people into the city and how long it took for them to leave.
    • Visit a traditional home and discover why its famous resident was so contradictory.
    • Learn about the extraordinary technical achievement that is Beijing’s 500 year old bell tower.


Getting There

The Standard Meeting Point for Public & Private Hutong Adventure Tours is outside Exit E of Nanluoguxiang Metro Station  南锣鼓巷地铁站E出口外面 (on Di’anmen Dong Da Jie, near Nanluogu Xiang: 地安门东大街,靠近南锣鼓巷).

Please contact or 138 1777 0229 for more information and booking.

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