Hyde Academy Summer School

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Hyde Academy - No.9, An Fu St., Hou Sha Yu, Shun Yi, Beijing
9,600 RMB for two weeks (full-day) 18,000 RMB for four weeks (full-day)

For grades 1-9. At Hyde Academy, they focus on their students’ social, cultural, academic, and emotional well-being so that they are fully prepared to transition overseas. Hyde Academy’s Summer School is designed to give students a short-term international immersion experience. All classes are taught in English (with support from bilingual speakers as needed) and the daily schedule includes a variety of academic classes. Both elementary and middle school students have an opportunity to work on a range of projects, discussions, and assessments that hone their critical and creative thinking skills in a positive and supportive environment.

Please contact 8046 3886 or registration@hyde-education.com for more information.

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