Improv Movement Workshop

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Shunyifornia 福尼亚剧院 - 23 Yu Hua, Shunyi 顺义区裕华路23号
This event is free to attend.

The International School of Beijing in partnership with Shunyifornia, a brand new performing art center in Shunyi, will host a free hour-long improvisation movement workshop and a contemporary dance performance by award-winning Filipino choreographer, dancer, and theater artist, PJ Rebullida. Explore movement, space, and shape through a fun, interactive and dynamic workshop.

Adults. Free. 6.30-8.30pm. Shunyifornia 23 Yu Hua Shunyi 福尼亚剧院 顺义区裕华路23号 (186 1083 0067,‬‬)

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