International Schools Snowsports Championship China

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Wanlong Ski Resort - Honghualiang Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province 河北省张家口市崇礼县 红花梁
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In its sixth year, the International Schools Snowsports Championships China (ISSCC 2018) is a fun ski and snowboard race weekend for international school students.

The competition is open to 7-18-year-olds. The event takes place at Wanlong Ski Resort, Chongli on 02nd to 04th of March 2018. Everything is arranged by Imagine for the weekend. Families may sign up students individually and choose whether to accompany the student themselves or nominate a friend or a school teacher.

Check out for more information and to sign up or contact 010-57394933/ 


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