Keystone English Immersion Summer Program

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Keystone Academy Campus - No.11, Anfu Street, Houshayu, Shunyi District, Beijing 101318
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Keystone Summer Archway is designed for non-native English speaking students currently at or interested in attending Keystone Academy or schools similar in their academic standards and teaching pedagogy, both in China and abroad.

This 3-week summer program aims to strengthen their academic English and hone their presentation, research and discussion skills, students will learn how to perform at a high level in an international or American-style independent school learning environment.

By participating in activity-based learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom, students will be well prepared for Keystone Academy and its peer institutions, and also develop and strengthen a genuine interest in learning as a personal quality.

The program offers different courses to different age groups, and secondary students will be able to choose the boarding program, to immerse in an English-speaking environment all day!

Grades 3-11. Keystone Academy (8049 6008 ext. 2777 or

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