MindUp Social Emotional Learning Group (every Saturday)

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LIH Olivia's Place - 2nd Floor, Building 6-1, 13 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Chaoyang District
RMB 4,000 /person/8 weeks, RMB 7,200 /person/16 weeks

MindUp is a mindfulness-based Social Emotional Learning Group. This program id adapted from MindUp curriculum developed by Hawn Foundation. It aims to improve children’s attention, behavior, and emotional regulation, and ability to empathize and be pro-social. This program brings positive changes to a child’s academic skills and relationship with self and others around them. It also aims to create resilience and happiness.

The program will involves knowledge sharing and hands-on practice delivered through group play and child-friendly activities. There will be simple take-home activities or in-school activities for each participant to generalize the skills learned at home and in school.

Age group: 4-6 years old.

Group size: 6-10 persons

Contact 135 2234 1845 or mengshen.wang@lih-oliviasplace.com for registration and more information.

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