Mom and Baby Fitness Class, every Thursday

22 0
Adler Kliniken - Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
RMB 150

Mom and baby Fitness class for both mother and baby will offer moms the unique opportunity to return to exercise after childbirth and build a stronger connection with their baby. Both babies and mothers can enjoy the time together as well as the opportunity to meet new friends or spend time with old friends.

-Strengthens & re-aligns body
-Helps to re-energize the body as well as release tension
-Helps settle babies and improve sleep patterns
-Enhances bond and communication between mother and baby
-Improves confidence in handling baby
-Balancing and harmonising full body
-Encourages physical & emotional post-natal healing

Contact Sabina Kirchherr (WeChat ID SabinaKirchherr) for more information.

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