Mommy & Baby Bootcamp (Starting Feb 15)

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- From 2017/02/15 to 2017/05/15, Wednesday every week (Toggle calendar)
MsUptown - Galaxy SOHO Building A, #B1-151 (Chaoyangmen Station Line 2); 北京市东城区南竹杆胡同2号银河SOHO A座#B1-151房(朝阳门站G出口)
RMB 250 - RMB 2000
Starting Feb 15  Mommy & Baby BootcampRMB 250/Single Class

RMB 1100/5 Classes

RMB 2000/10 Classes
Every Wednesday 10:30 – 11:30
Galaxy SOHO, Building A, B1-151银河SOHO A座 B1-151房

    Teacher:Sabina Kirchherr

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Details: Baby’s age: 6 weeks-6months

Every Wednesday starting from February 15 at 10:30am there will be Mommy & Baby Bootcamp.

Also always bring your baby carrier with you. This class will help moms to strengthen and to re-align the body. Enhancing bond and communication between mother and baby. Also encouraging physical and emotional post-natal healing.


Mom and baby bootcamp class for both mother and baby will offer moms the unique opportunity to return to exercise after childbirth and build a stronger connection with their baby. Both babies and mothers can enjoy the time together as well as the opportunity to meet new friends or spend time with old friends.

Uniquely created infant movements for the little ones are incorporated into fun songs and nursery rhymes and have many benefits for the developing baby. Mothers can also use the movements taught in class to strengthen after pregnancy and build confidence in their mothering skills.


-Strengthens & re-aligns body

-Helps to re-energise the body as well as release tension

-Helps settle babies and improve sleep patterns

-Enhances bond and communication between mother and baby

-Improves confidence in handling baby

-Balancing and harmonising full body

-Encourages physical & emotional post-natal healing



This classis offered to all new moms with babies ages 6 weeks to 6 months old (or pre-crawling). No previous experience of bootcamp is necessary. Classes are informal and relaxed and allow the opportunity to feed, change or comfort your child whenever necessary.


Please always bring your baby in a baby carrier to class and if possible feed your baby before the class.

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Location:北京市东城区南竹杆胡同2号银河SOHO A座#B1-151房(朝阳门站G出口) Galaxy SOHO Building A, #B1-151 (Chaoyangmen Station Line 2)

Contact Us: 186 1189 4423

Holiday Hours: We are closed on January 26 to Feb 5 for Chinese New Year.

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