National Geographic: A New Age of Exploration 2.0

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Beijing World Art Museum - 9A Fuxing Lu Haidian District
RMB 70-100

National Geographic, the official magazine of the National Geographic Society, was first published in 1888. To celebrate its achievements over the past 131 years, National Geographic magazine is holding a special exhibition: Classic Image Feast 2.0, to explore the wonders of the world and discover the beauty of China.

The exhibition will showcase classic images of China and include a new display called “China Memory”, which allows visitors to rediscover the grand beauty and cultural heritage of Chinese rivers and mountains, from the perspective of award-winning international photographers.

All ages. RMB 70-100. 9am- 5pm. Beijing World Art Museum. For more information or tickets, please click here. 9A Fuxing Lu, Haidian District. 海淀区复兴路甲9号 (5980 2222)

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