NCPA Opera: “Aida”

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National Centre For The Performing Arts (NCPA) 国家大剧院 - 2 Chang'an Jie Xicheng District 西城区 西长安街2号
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Aida tells the touching story about the daughters of kings ruling over belligerent countries who make a crucial choice for their common sweetheart: In the Egyptian Pharaoh Era, the war breaks out between Egypt and Ethiopia in East Africa. Pharaoh’s general Radames leads troops to go for battle and fights against Amonasro, King of Ethiopia. At this point, Pharaoh’s daughter Princess Amneris loves Radames, whereas Radames’ sweetheart is Amneris’ female slave. This female slave is precisely Aida, the daughter of King of Ethiopia. It turns out that Aida is also a princess.

The grand celebration scene is set against the background that the joyful warriors hold a parade for triumph ceremony on Triumph Square. Aida finds her father among prisoners captured by Radames, i.e., King of Ethiopia disguised as a soldier. The defeated king and his princess can do nothing, while the victorious king is busy looking for uxorilocal son-in-law husband for his princess. Painful Radames is not only unwilling to marry the Egyptian princess, but also feels anxiety-ridden for Aida in danger. In order to avoid the long-term hostility between two countries and the freedom of love, Radames determinedly makes the decision to set free Aida and her father.

Unexpectedly, Princess Amneris, who keeps her watch in secret, is aware of such a planned action. Disregarding life and death, Radames is eventually sentenced for being buried alive. Aida doesn’t want to drag out an ignoble existence without Radames. She comes to the grave in advance and determinedly accompanies Radames till the end of time.

All ages. RMB 100-880. 7pm. National Centre for the Performing Arts.

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