piano recital Shai Rosenboim

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la plantation concert hall - La Plantation 璃墟 Art base 1, D area, Hegezhuang village, Chaoyang district Beijing 100103
150 adults 80 students children booking 51661201

Shai Rosenboim

Recital Program

L. V. Beethoven: Sonata No.3 in C Major, Op.2 No.3

I. Allegro con brio

II. Adagio

III. Scherzo: Allegro

IIII. Allegro Assai

F. Chopin:

Mazurka in f minor, Op.7 No.3

Nocturne in F Major, Op.15 No.1

Ballade No.4 in f minor, Op.52


R. Schumann:

Abegg Variations, Op.1

Symphonic Etudes, Op.13



C大调第三钢琴奏鸣曲 作品第2号 第3

第一乐章 有活力的快板

第二乐章 柔板

第三乐章 快板的谐谑曲

第四乐章 很快的快板


f小调玛祖卡舞曲 作品第7,3

F大调夜曲 作品第15,1

f小调第四叙事曲 作品第52



阿贝格变奏曲 作品第1

交响练习曲 作品第13

Born in 1978, Shai Rosenboim is emerging as one of the most promising young musicians in Israel. After having graduated with distinction from the Givataim Conservatory and the Rubin Academy of Music in Tel-Aviv, he received further tutelage from Prof. Li Qifang of the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing. His international appearances include concerts in Scotland, England, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and China. In 1995, he performed at the Palais de Beaux Arts in Brussels, Belgium, in a special concert to designate the 3000th anniversary of the establishment of the city of Jerusalem.
Mr. Rosenboim has also appeared as a soloist with the Haifa, Be’er-Sheva, Rubin Academy and the Golden Sail Symphony Orchestras, under the batons of the Maestri Itay Talgam, Noam Zur and En Shao, among others. In the year 2004 he was invited by the Music Angeles foundation to play as a soloist with the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Gal Alterovich, in a special concert that was also recorded.
Mr. Rosenboim is highly requested performer of contemporary music and has recorded a CD with pieces by two of the most important living Israeli Composers, Ami Ma’ayani and Tzvi Avni. He has also made several radio recordings in Israel which have included his own compositions. In the year 2002 Mr. Rosenboim was awarded the highest scholarship from the American-Israeli Cultural foundation with excellence. His playing in the Abu Gosh music festival rewarded him with great acclaim from the critics that described him as a “highly sensitive and thoughtful pianist”.
罗塞•罗森博伊姆出生于1978年,是以色列最有发展前途的青年音乐家之一。以优异的成 绩毕业于位于特拉 维夫的吉瓦泰姆音乐学院和鲁宾音乐学院后,他接受了来自中央音乐 学院的李其芳教授的指导。他曾于苏 格兰、英格兰、葡萄牙、德国、瑞士、意大利、 波兰和德国的音乐会上进行过演出。1995年,他曾于比利 时布鲁塞尔艺术宫在为纪念耶 路撒冷建城3000年而特别举办的演出上进行表演。
罗森博伊姆先生也曾作为独奏家与Haifa, Be’er-Sheva, Rubin Academy and the Golden Sail Symphony Orchestras在Maestri Itay Talgam, Noam Zur和En Shao的指挥下进行演 出。在2004年,他受到安吉列斯音乐基金会邀请,作为独奏家与Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra在Maestro Gal Alterovich的指挥下进行演出,音乐会也被录制下来。
是一位非常受欢迎的现代音乐演奏家,并曾经录制在世的最有影响的两位以色列作曲家 Ami Ma’ayani 和 Tzvi Avni创作的乐曲的音乐CD。他也曾经在以色列录制过他自己创作 的乐曲。2002年,罗森博伊姆先生被美国- 以色列文化基金授予了最高奖学金。他在Abu Gosh音乐节上的演出让他获得很多评论家的称赞,并被誉为一位”高度敏感而有思想的钢 琴家”。

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