Religion and Ritual Tour : A Journey Through Chinese Faith

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exit C of Yonghegong Metro - near the corner of Yonghegong Street and Guozijian Street
RMB 290 per person; includes a two-hour tour with a Newman Tours\' guide and all entry fees.


Discover how Religion and Ritual shaped China’s history and culture. Visit Beijing’s Temple of Confucius, Imperial Academy, and Lama Temple with our expert native English speaking guides and find out what happens when Buddhist saints get angry, why Official Exams on Confucian philosophy ruined so many lives, and what Tibetans do with the thighbones of criminals.


    • See ancient edicts translated into four languages and discover just how many religions the Qing Emperors tried to follow at once.
    • Find out which Buddhas were twenty meters tall, which ones were feminists, and which one was pulled in a pig chariot.
    • Discover why Fierce Bodhisattvas are so blue and how that helps them achieve enlightenment.
    • Pass ancient sages and see if their learned wisdom still rings true.
    • Learn how Confucius was wrong when he was right, why he is so misunderstood, and then listen to professionals perform renditions of his favorite music.
    • See if meditation improves your aim and get the chance to practice writing a famous Confucian saying.

Getting There

The Standard Meeting Point for Private and Select Religion & Ritual Tours is outside exit C of Yonghegong Metro near the corner of Yonghegong Street and Guozijian Street (雍和宫地铁站C出口外面,在雍和宫大街上).

Please contact or 138 1777 0229 for more information and booking.

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