Ski Camp at Chongli by Imagine

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Thaiwoo Ski Resort - Thaiwoo town, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou.河北省张家口市崇礼区太舞滑雪真
RMB 5,000-8,500

Ages 7+. Get your winter skis ready as Imagine China takes you to Chongli for a skiing adventure with professional instructors. Participants should be at least seven years old can choose one of seven weeks to join. There are Full Package and Only-training price package alternatives which include English-language professional instructing fee and instructor’s expenses.

For the Only-training Package, children should be accompanied by their parents or guardians and Imagine China will only provide training and insurance. RMB 8,500 (Full Package), RMB 5,000 (Only-training Package). 8am-6pm, Dec 17-21, Dec 24-28; Dec 31-Jan 4; Jan 21-25; Jan 28-Feb 1; Feb 4-8; Feb 11-15.  Thaiwoo Ski Resort. Thaiwoo town, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou. Telephone: 5739 4933  河北省张家口市崇礼区太舞滑雪真

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