Taoist Philosophy, Culture and Martial Arts Classes

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This event has no physical location
RMB 50 per class

An ancient Taoist tradition past down for generations only in temples and few families. Yin Yang, Five elements, Eight trigrams, rebuild your body according these principles, make your body strong, calm down your mind and heart and nourish your life through the practice of Wujiquan.

Regular classes:

Free class in White Cloud Temple

Taoist History, Culture and Martial Arts. Explore the “Way” with masters of Taoist arts.

Every Saturday 10am in White Cloud Temple

Taoist life nourishing exercise and kungfu 50RMB per class

Ritan Park: every Monday 6pm

Xinglong Park: every Sunday 10:30am and Thursday 7pm

Olympic Forrest Park Tuesday 12:30

We cover life nourishing exercise, foundation form and push hands from Taoist system of martial arts called Wujiquan. This exercise is beneficial for muscles, sinews, joints as well as internal organs. Through continuous practice one can balance yin and yang in body (which means to balance the internal organs, as well as the right and left, lower and upper, back and front side of the body) master the coordination between different body parts, preserve health, joyful mood and calm down the mind. It is suitable for adults of all ages.

Contact 150 1069 6821 or Wechat: Breznan for more information.

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