Theater: Panda’s Home

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China Millennium Monument Premiere Theatre - 9A Fuxing Lu Haidian District; 海淀区 复兴路甲9号
RMB 280
Title: Panda’s Home
Venue:China Millennium Monument Premiere Theatre
Price: 280 RMB
Tickets are available at You can book tickets at If you have any questions about purchasing tickets, please call our hot line 400-610-3721 or 10103721 or send E-mail to Make sure you follow us in Twitter & Facebook to keep updated with all events info anytime anywhere.
Following the footprints of a giant Panda, we travel together to the Panda’s hometown – China, to start an imaginary journey in exploring the beauty of the natural landscape, the harmony in the traditional music, the interaction and relation between things and phenomena as well as the composition of the nature.

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