TNT Britain Macbeth Theatre Performance

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TheArt Drama Centre - Shunyifornia Theatre, No.23 Yuhua Rd, Shunyi, Beijing 北京顺义裕华路23号,福尼亚剧院
RMB 280 per person

One of the best psychological works in Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth weaves a tale of ambition and conscience by describing the process of Macbeth, the once brilliant hero who became a cruel tyrant. It has been presented by the British TNT Troupe across 31 countries. A must-see for drama lovers, this is also a lively tutorial for English learners.

All ages. RMB 280 per person but discounted tickets are on sale (more info here). 7-10pm. TheArt Drama Centre, Shunyi. (WeChat ID: Rita-8090w, 188 1312 5882,

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