Jazzy Preschool for Gifted Children 杰思幼儿园

Jazzy Preschool (JP) is located in the heart of Beijing’s embassy district, Dongzhimen, and nested in a Chinese Suzhou-styled traditional garden. JP has developed a unique, education curriculum for gifted students, providing an English, French, and Chinese program for children aged 1-6 years old. JP’s international program is accredited by the Chinese Government and the French Ministry of Education. At JP, children of all ethnicities discover the desire to go to Kindergarten. While their interests increase, they acquire personal, social, linguistic, and learning-related skills in an effortless way, developing a feeling of self-achievement. JP’s rich, social atmosphere offers many opportunities for parents to get involved in their child’s Kindergarten life to build a caring, educational community for each family. (updated)

• East Lake Villas, 35 Dongzhimenwai, Dongcheng District (updated)
• The French International School of Beijing, 3 Xinjin Lu, Chaoyang District
WeChat: Jazzy-Preschool
Contact:  6417 9960, 130 3119 9923; jazzypreschool@hotmail.com

Founding date: 2011
School type: Kindergarten
School hours: 8.30am-5pm
Ministry of Education accredited? Yes
Curriculum description: Thanks to its pedagogy, based on a one teacher – one language approach, each child considers the three languages as mother tongues and has the assets to keep up with any English, French, or Chinese educational system.

Age range: 12 months (or as soon as the child can walk) to 6 years old 
Grades offered: Preschool
Number of students: 70
Foreign passport holder accepted? Yes
Local Chinese students accepted? Yes
Nationality of students: USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, UK, China, Russia, Poland, and Japan
Class size (average): 15-20
Teacher-student ratio: 1:4-5

Tuition and other fees:
• RMB 10,500 per month (five days a week)
• RMB 8,700 per month (four days a week)
• RMB 6,900 per month (three days a week)
• RMB 4,500 per month (two days a week)

Primary teaching language(s): English, French, Chinese
Other elective language(s): None
After-school activities: Wushu classes, introduction to music,
introduction to dance, swimming class, tennis class

Scholarships offered? No
Extra help offered? Special program for children with special needs on a case by case basis

Total area (in sqm): 1200sqm at the Dongzhimen location and 200sqm at the French International School Beijing location.

Facilities: Four classrooms located on two floors with different games and activities areas, child-sized lavatories on each level, an art room, a basketball court, playground, playroom, administrative office, meeting room, and the school nurse’s office.
Lunch: Chinese and western options. Lunch fee includes a morning and afternoon snack
Lunch fee: RMB 1,000 (5 days a week), RMB 820 (4 days a week), RMB 630 (3 days a week), RMB 400 (2 days a week).
Boarding program? No
Nurse/doctor available? Yes

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