Jiade Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten 嘉德蒙台梭利双语幼儿园

Jiade Montessori Bilingual Kindergarten has received recognition as being a leader in preschool education in Beijing and combines Chinese culture with an international blend of English classes and an international faculty team. In the classrooms the children work individually or together in small groups with a variety of educational materials in close co-operation with teachers, each following an individualized learning program within the context of the well-defined Montessori curriculum. The classrooms are neatly organized for children to engage their curiosity and intellectual creativity in self-directed work. At Jiade we provide the opportunity, the facilities, the materials and the ethos for children to become independent, self-directed, motivated, analytical and confident learners.

Founding date: 2011

Age range: 2-6 years

Grades offered: Nursery and kindergarten

School type: Other, Montessori School

Total area (in square meters): 3,100

Curriculum description: Montessori Curriculum

Boarding program: N/A

Number of students: 190

Is the school accredited by the Ministry of Education? Yes

Foreign passport holders accepted? Yes

Local Chinese students accepted? Yes

Tuition (2016-2017 academic year): 

• Nursery – RMB 88,000

• Kindergarten – RMB 88,000

• International class – RMB 120,000 (meals and school bus not included)

Lunch offered: Catered by Culinary Capers, RMB 48 per day

Nationality of students: China, Japan, Poland, US

Primary teaching language: English, Mandarin

Other languages taught as electives: English, Mandarin

Average class size: Nursery 20-22; Kindergarten 25-27

Average teacher/student ratio: 1:4 (nursery); 1:6 (kindergarten)

School hours: 8.30am– 4.30pm

After-school activities: Dance, baseball, taekwondo, robot, cooking

Extra help offered? N/A

Scholarships offered? N/A

School facilities: Indoor gym, library, art room, playgrounds

School nurse or doctor available? Yes

Contact: 221, Ba Li Zhuang Bei Li, Chaoyang District (8591 8288,8591 8066, notice@jdmontessori.com)


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