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Our Family Favorites

The Gross family landed in Beijing nine months ago as a foursome, but added a fifth to their party just three months later. These days, mom Jennifer, dad Ulrich and kids Lisa-Marie (4), Mia Sophie (2) and Ole Leander (6 months) live in Shunyi. Before Beijing, home was the small city of Brunswick, in Germany. Here are some of the Gross family’s Beijing favorites.

Weekend restaurant
Mrs. Shanen’s Bagels is good for a weekend lunch or picking up some cake for coffee time in the afternoon.

Quiet weekend fun
The BookMark. Lisa and Mia read books here and borrow some for home while Ulrich and I have a cup of coffee (or two) and share the marvelous carrot cake.

Rowdy Weekend Fun
Crab Island is a wonderful fake beach in the middle of nowhere. It’s quite an artificial place but Lisa loves to play in the real sand.

Sunday brunch
The Orchard is the classic expat place for Sunday brunches. While our kids head to the designated playground and special children’s buffet, we enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Indoor play space
Skating at the rink in China World Center is good at any time of the year.

Beijing daytrip
Fragrant Hills.

Restaurant for a parents-only date night
Paper. Choosing your dishes no longer gives you a headache since there is no menu: 15 delicious fusion dishes are simply provided to you, one after the other.

Lunch spot
Viva Curry, the Korean restaurant close to the Laitai Flower Market, is great after shopping at the flower market together with the kids. They serve a delicious lunch, very fast, for a reasonable price.

Beijing Street
Liulichang Xijie is a lovely renovated, hutong-style area with many artwork shops surrounded by original hutongs. Taking the side streets here is always a worthwhile detour.

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