Beijing’s Smallest October 2007

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Kelly Grace Hu

American. Born to Yian and James Hu on August 22 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Saskia Cohen Key

British. Born to Jacqueline Cohen and Alex Key on March 30 at Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong

Natalie Elizabeth Neumann

American. Born to Paul and Lanelle Neumann on May 9 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Jaden Yip Long Hei

Chinese. Born to Yoko Wu and Jacob Yip on April 11 at Baptist Hospital in Hong Kong.

Grace Hua

Chinese. Born to Kevin Hua and Jane Zhang on July 17 at American-Sino OB/GYN Service

Jasmin Ziegler

Swiss. Born to Klaus Ziegler and Hueyling Ziegler-Ming on August 1 at Lucina Women and Children Hospital, Taiwan.

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