Beijing’s Smallest January-February 2008

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Yang Seng Jun
Korean-Chinese. Born to Moon Hye Young and Xiao Luyang on July 20 at American-Sino OB/GYN Service.

Samuel Lewis
Australian-New Zealander. Born to Denise Chong and Matthew Lewis on September 28 at St. John of God in Western Australia.

Qiu Shu
Japanese-Chinese. Born to Saito Junko and Qiu Kaisheng on August 17 at American-Sino OB/GYN Service.

Benjamin Thomas Harrison
American. Born to Kaatje and Tom Harrison on May 1 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Wang Qian Hao
Chinese. Born to Wang Bing Yi and Huang Tao on April 23 at Haidian Obstetric Hospital.

Joshua George Jacob
Indian. Born to Ashwin and Jilu Anna George on April 21 at American-Sino OB/GYN Service.

Annebelle Yan
Canadian-Malaysian. Born to Jeffrey and Esther Yan on October 11 at American-Sino OB/GYN Service.

Chiara Graziella Cassinadri
Italian. Born to Davide Cassinadri and Valentina Majeroni on August 28 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

Malaysian. Born to Ramesh and Nalini on April 27 at Pantai Medical Center, Malaysia.

Henry George Truman Bathgate
American-New Zealander. Born to Reuben Bathgate and Kristen M. Billings on August 18 at Beijing United Family Hospital.

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