Top 10 Things to Do in March

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1 beijingkids Anniversary Party:
beijingkids turns two! Celebrate with us on Saturday, Mar 21 as we lunch at Annie’s and then head to the Beijing Zoo. The party kicks off at 11am with a buffet at the new Annie’s restaurant (8569 3031) at 39 Shenlujie, Chaoyang District, Ritan High Life 2-3-93. Hop on our bus to the zoo, then tour pandas, chimpanzees and other animals from 1.30pm to 3pm with a professional zoologist as our guide. Every child goes home with a beijingkids gift bag. For tickets, contact Joe or Kathy at 5820 7700 ext. 866 or email

2. Bookworm Literary Festival:
Are you an aspiring National Geographic photographer? Visit the plains of Africa with wildlife photographer Jan Latta. Can you concoct excuses for not doing your homework? Put kid ingenuity to paper with Liz Niven in a poetry workshop for kids ages 9 and up. For a list of kid-friendly events at the Bookworm Literary Festival (Mar 6-20), see Events. RMB 50 and up. Tickets must be purchased in advance. The Bookworm,

3. Take a Hike
It’s finally springtime and what better way to celebrate than to head outdoors? For a great family activity that little ones can enjoy, trya the Longevity Village to Silver Pagodas hike on Mar 21, led by Beijing Hikers. This easy countryside walk over mostly flat ground is perfect for kids.

4. Kiss Me, I’m Irish
The week-long Irish Cultural Festival starts on Mar 14 with a parade on Wangfujing Dajie and numerous music and art events. Details at and the Irish Embassy website. For a fancy night out, head to the St. Patrick’s Ball on Mar 14, which raises funds for disadvantaged schoolchildren. Drink, dance and nosh on Irish-themed food. RMB 998. Book at Kerry Centre Hotel (6561 8833)

5 DIY Woodblock Prints
Kids can roll their own woodblock prints at the New Year Print Art Festival, an event that celebrates the art of printmaking. From the superb water-base woodblock prints of Chen Qi to the mastery of Su Xinping’s prints, this festival also presents Beijingers the chance to see the very best in Chinese printmaking. Until Mar 15. Amelie Gallery (135 2009 1036)

6. Strrrrrrike!
No need to be a pro athlete to participate in this non-cardio sport. A little elbow grease, a change of shoes and a competitive spirit are the only requirements at the bowling alley. Get tips for developing a killer swing and for locations around Beijing where you can don a pair of bowling shoes and score a strike.

7. Oliver Twist
Catch this production of Charles Dickens’ classic tale about orphan Oliver, his foray into pickpocketing on the streets of London and the famous request for more porridge. Mar 20, 21, 22 at Mei Lanfang Grand Theater. RMB 80-580. Tickets at 6551 6930 or 6551 6906.

8. Capture the Seven Dragon Relics
This Japanese manga series, based on the Chinese classic Journey to the West, captures the adventures of Son Goku from childhood to adulthood as he trains in martial arts and searches for seven mystical wish-granting objects called the Dragon Balls. Meet Goku’s friends and watch his duels with ill-intentioned villains. The movie hits theaters around town on Mar 14.

9. Junk in the Trunk
Why not get outdoors, stock up on goodies and save money? On Mar 21,
head to the main parking lot of the International School of Beijing to peruse merchandise in the unique venue of car trunks. For families who have accumulated too much stuff over the years, this is the perfect chance to make a sale! Sellers must pay in advance, as space is limited. Free for attendees. 9.30am-1pm. To register, email International School of Beijing,

10. Biker Babes:
Dust off your bicycles, strap on your helmets and pedal away. Find kid-friendly bike routes on college campuses – Beida’s beautiful university grounds are ideal. Explore hutongs around the Lama Temple (Yonghegong) and Houhai for local flavor. Another must-cycle area? The Forbidden City. But avoid the front – too many tourists – and head to the back area around Beihai or the west side, along Fuyou Jie, for shady streets.

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