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Making your home in a foreign city like Beijing can be a daunting task. That’s why beijingkids magazine, the city’s longest-running expat family publication, and the critically acclaimed Immersion Guides have teamed up to create the beijingkids Family Guide.

Tapping into the aggregate knowledge of hundreds of English-speaking families and expats, this one-of-a-kind guide is packed with information and advice parents can’t afford to live without.





Consult these pages to:

  • Help your children beat the relocation blues, thrive in school, embrace the China experience, and stay healthy;
  • Find up-to-date listings of Beijing’s most family-friendly hospitals, schools, stores, restaurants and more;
  • Interview an ayi, order a banquet and chat at the playground using the Mandarin language chapter;
  • Discover fun activities for kids of all ages, from sightseeing to sports, acting camps to cooking classes, and weekend retreats to China adventures.

Whether you’re a newly arrived family searching for the right school, a first-time mom who can’t find a birthing class, or a seasoned expat who’d run out of playtime options for the kids, you’ll find the answers you seek in the beijingkids Family Guide.

Get the most out of family life in Beijing with this indispensable resource.

You can purchase a copy from any store that sells Immersion Guides. For locations, click here.

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