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Halloween, or Wansheng Jie (万圣节) as it’s known in Chinese, is upon us, so this is the season to transform your little ones into ghosts, princesses and pirates. We’ve compiled a list of Beijing’s top shops and markets for that.

Alien Street Market
Find bizarre and kitschy trinkets, including plastic swords, feather scarves, multicolored wigs and a notable fur collection.
Yabao Lu, south of Fulllink Plaza, Chaoyang District 老番街市场, 朝阳区雅宝路

Beta Costume Rentals
This online rental store has a vast collection, ranging from Grim Reaper costumes to full Hello Kitty regalia. Prices range from RMB 60-150.
(6844 4222) www.beeta.cn

Hongqiao Market
Pick up cheap knick-knacks, makeup and spectacular wigs. If you buy any fabric on the upper floors, you can always enlist a tailor to fashion your material into a costume.
Daily 8.30am-7pm. 36 Hongqiao Lu, Chongwen District (6713 3354)
红桥市场, 崇文区红桥路36号

Huan Run
If you’ve left it until the last minute, rent foreign or traditional getup here. Price ranges from RMB 50-100.
Daily 9am-6pm. 19/F, Bldg 5, Wanda Plaza, Chaoyang District (5979 8013) www.fuzhuangzulin.com
寰润, 万达广场5号楼17层

Kids Plus
Kids will love the selection of Disney-themed outfits. Adult-size capes and masks are also available.
Daily 9am-7pm. 701 Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development
Zone, Shunyi District (8046 4572) 顺义区天竺房地产开发区荣祥广场701号

Tot to Teen
This moderately priced clothes store stocks a supply of wands, butterfly wings and fancy dress for the kids.
Daily 9am-7pm. 703 Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu Real Estate Development
Zone, Shunyi District (8046 4419, tot-to-teen@hotmail.com);红马车儿童用品商店, 1) 顺义区天竺房地产开发区荣祥广场703号

Tian Le Toy Market
This four-story toy emporium lies just beside Hongqiao Market. Pop inside and browse the booths, which stock Halloween goodies and fancy dress outfits for tots.
Daily 8.30am-7pm. 136 Fahuasi Jie, Chongwen District
红桥天乐玩具市场, 崇文区法华寺街136号

This article is excerpted from beijingkids October 2011 issue. View it in PDF form here or contact distribution@beijing-kids.com to find out where you can pick up your free copy.

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