The November Issue Is Out!

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The November issue is hot off the press and this month’s cover feature is jam packed with information about how to stay healthy in Beijing. Beijing families share their experiences with health insurance. Inside, we’ve also included a roundup of unique exercise classes: from horseback riding and rock climbing to Zumba and Pilates! There is also a guide for picking Beijing veggies and selecting the most useful Chinese medicine – all of which are handy with the imminent cold and flu season upon us!

Elsewhere in the magazine, Oliva Lee reveals her tricks for avoiding tummy issues. Also, Dr. Richard presents his tips for food safety in Beijing – from purchasing milk, seafood and meat.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, Jennifer Thome brings you a Chinese-inspired Thanksgiving meal. Want the night off kitchen duties this year? Take the family out to one of the many restaurants listed in Where To Find It: Thanksgiving Turkey. For the rest of your days, devour some dumplings (see Top Five) or keep it vegetarian with some sweet potato fries and hummus at The Veggie Table.

If you are looking for fun while the temperature is dropping, you can paint your own pottery at Funky Pots. Or drop by Si’de Park for a full day of parks and eateries in Lido.

As always, find kid-friendly events, search our Directories for anything and everything you’ll need in Beijing, and read about other families’ travel destinations including South Africa and Europe.

Can’t find the print edition? Send an email to or call 5820 7700.

Or check out the PDF version below or at here:


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