And the Honors go to…The Top 10 Most Viewed Blogs of June

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Well, we are half through the year and soon we will be writing up our  year in review blog on the hottest blogs of the year. But before getting the New Year’s resolutions out and assessing how many have fallen through the cracks, let take a look at the blogs that had the most clicks in the month of June:

LAYman’s Chronicles: Open Letter to a Landlord
Expats bear witness to the never stopping revolving door of apartment hunting. Before you have even put down roots, the search for an apartment is back on. beijingkids’s columnist and blogger, Christopher Lay had a few choice words for his landlord to evaluate his annual performance. 

Real Moms Bake Their Own: Lessons from the Front Lines of Cake-Making
A mother of two and 10-year Beijing resident, Charlotte Friis Lodahl from Denmark took a career break from product marketing then stumbled upon making very yummy home-made cakes. Find out more about the baker mom’s current philosophy and story.

I Was Scratched by My Dog and Had to Get the Rabies Shot
Former dining and lifestyle editor Clemence Jiang clears up the most fatal and common misconceptions about the rabies and the rabies vaccinations. The blog was written last year but rabies still remains a topical subject.

Meet the Staff: Yvette Ferrari
The newly appointed school editor, Yvette hails an American expat and is just a pocket full of sunshine (she is from Southern California). She lets us take a peek at her background as she answers some tongue-in-cheek questions.

Calling all Future Stars: Skiptrace Casting Call
Jackie Chan’s next English language movie, Skiptrace, is looking to cast a young rising star amongst the expat community. Find out how to sign your child up for more than 15 minutes of fame and this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The other that did make the list were:
Ever topical 5 Chinese Online Shopping Site to Rival Taobao and Beijing’s Best Toy Shops. A little Chinese culture of the hair raising kind, The Painted Skin and Other Scary Tales: A Chinese Ghost Story Primer. An Art Bug hosted workshop, Bounce, Don’t Crack: Hong Kong Based Doctor Gives a Talk at Art Bug About Building Resilience in Children.

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