Get Ready for the Shuangjing Block Party this Saturday

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I admit, I’m a total Shuangjing homer. Since I moved there eight years ago, I’ve been eagerly waiting for this neighborhood to break out into something big. It’s struggled a bit to become relevant to anyone except those that live (or work) there, but it’s slowly, slowly, slowly evolving into a destination neighborhood.

One of the leaders of that charge is Trevor Metz of Plan B, who has made it his mission in life to make something of the area that houses his bar, and one of the fruits of his labor can be enjoyed this Saturday at the third annual Shuangjing Block Party.

Located on the always-threatening-to-break-out 22 Art Street at the north end of Pingod, Plan B has made a name for itself over several years now with its friendly atmosphere and consistently good burgers.

But rather than settling for just filling the space between the walls of his bar, Metz has turned the woefully underused corridor outside into an multi-purpose events area that has really delivered a community feel to the neighborhood.

From boxing matches to wing-eating contests to charity benefits, Plan B’s events have been in many ways the lifeblood of 22 Art Street, bringing energy and excitement to the place without letting it descend into chaos.

If you live in the area, there’s no excuse for you not to be there Saturday. Be sure to stop by the beijingkids booth and say hi! If you don’t, this is the one Shuangjing event of the year worth going out of your way for.


This post first appeared on on May 11, 2015.

Photo: Courtesy of Plan B

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